Miss Morgan’s method integrates Suzuki philosophy with her background in Neuroscience, layering each step in an easy, sequential order. Students and parents work together as a team–supporting and learning from each other–culiminating in an innovative and effective approach to begin violin. It is a perfect way to explore if music lessons are right for you and your child while building a strong foundation in violin technique.

The process resembles how a parent teaches a child to get dressed. When they were babies you had to dress them, but as they grow older they might begin to help by putting their arm through the sleeves. Eventually they can dress themselves. Part of lessons are about teaching parents how to "put the violin on" their child, so to speak. This may sound intimidating if a parent has no background in music, but don’t worry–no experience with music is necessary to enroll in classes. Morgan’s method is simple enough that it works for everyone.

Students must have no prior experience and be between the ages of 4-6. No violin is needed to begin, students will start with a practice bow. Enrollment is open, with start dates in September, 2019. Feel free to call (508) 542-2131 or email morganleegerstmar@gmail.com with any questions.

If you are curious about Suzuki Method, please read this introduction on the Suzuki Association of the America’s official website. Miss Morgan is an active member of the SAA with training in core Suzuki methodology.

Can’t make group lessons? Private lessons are also available.