Morgan is the real deal! My daughter started seeing Morgan for violin lessons last summer and we were just going to see Morgan during the summer to help my daughter with technique and rhythm, as well as to help her with a placement audition. After the summer, we were amazed at how much better my daughter sounded and played in such a short period — and of course, she was accepted into the higher level orchestra that she worked so hard to get into during the summer.

My daughter also competed in her first ever Topanga’s Fiddle Contest this year, alongside Morgan, and won 2nd Place!

Fast forward to today, Morgan is still my daughter’s violin teacher and I continue to be very pleased with my daughter’s continued progress and level of play. Morgan is truly is a gem and worth every penny. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
— Karla
My daughter started out learning violin with Morgan and after a year when she was ready to advance to a larger instrument, she transitioned to viola and is extremely happy with the decision. Now 2 years later, Morgan has introduced all sorts of opportunities for her to play and participate in various orchestras and competitions that are appropriate for elementary school aged children. Morgan is a fantastic teacher in that she is very understanding and communicates technique with my daughter in a way that keeps her motivated and it’s exciting to watch!
— Ilana R.
Our daughter moved to Morgan about three years ago and we noticed a sharp improvement in her violin skills. Her tone, rhythm, and musicianship skills have all soared. She has joined the higher orchestra and her school and is now in the highest. And more importantly, she loves going to her lessons and has often asked for more.
— Alex Y.
We love Morgan!!! We love her honesty, her commitment, her high level of standards, and her love of teaching. We have been with her for 3 years, and feel that she is the perfect match, raising and keeping the bar high, while working with our student who has his own musical ideals. We have been very fortunate, and we thank her for everything, including her honesty when giving us direction with our student.
— Danielle. G.
Morgan has been teaching violin and viola to both of my daughters, ages 10 and 12, for one year. Both girls have made tremendous strides under her instruction. She has helped correct their technique and motivated them to take their playing to a more advanced level. And, most importantly, my girls have fun learning from Morgan.

Here are some of the reasons why I recommend Morgan:
— She gives the girls detailed practice notes, so they’re improving in between lessons.
—- Morgan is reliable and very organized. Her scheduling for lessons is consistent (some teachers are traveling performers, which makes for inconsistent lesson scheduling).
— Morgan offers recitals and other playing opportunities for her students to help motivate their practicing and to give them more playing experience.
— She is so dedicated to her students. Whether my girls are preparing for an audition or trying to overcome a new challenge, Morgan really thinks about the right approach.

Having three children who’ve played multiple instruments, I’ve experienced various teachers over the years. Morgan has been the most impressive and dedicated instructor we’ve encountered. I highly recommend Morgan!
— Katy M.
My 11-year old son has been taking violin lessons with Morgan for almost three years. If you are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic violin or viola teacher, Morgan is a teacher you should definitely consider. Morgan wants her students to love playing the violin/viola and motivates her students to want to become better musicians. What separates a good teacher from a great one is that the great ones take a true interest in their students. Morgan is a GREAT teacher who is genuinely interested in her students. She even offered to meet us at Benning’s Violins to help pick out the right next-size-up violin for my son!

Not only does Morgan encourage her students, but she also provides detailed constructive feedback. Under Morgan’s tutelage, my son has made great progress. My son had no violin experience when he started with Morgan. However, with lessons from Morgan and practice, my son auditioned for Santa Monica’s Stairway of the Stars in the fourth and fifth grade and he was was accepted to be part of the First Violins for both years. Recently, my son also performed a solo at the SCSBOA Solo and Ensemble Festival. We were very excited and impressed that he received a Superior rating.

Morgan seems to balance the lessons well so that my son enjoys his lessons. She allots just the right amount of time for scales and musical pieces and mixes it up with theory and sight-reading so that the lessons remain interesting and fun.
Without a doubt, Morgan is an exceptional violin teacher and I highly recommend her!
— Selene L.